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Struggling to Change Your Lifestyle? The Role of Functional Medicine Health Coaching

A lifestyle change can be difficult for anybody. Many of us have the desire to want to change things for the better but, following through on a habit-built lifestyle change is difficult. Some people want to tackle it all in one go while the motivation still exists, but that can be hard to sustain.

The Five Pillars of Health: The Cornerstone of Functional Medicine

Have you ever considered what exactly good health is? Have you wondered how to achieve it? At Tri-Cities Functional Medicine, we use our Five Pillars of Health curriculum as an essential part of your treatment plan. By combining these five areas of concern and treatment, we help you achieve holistic health. What are the five…

Functional Medicine Approach to Treating Arthritis

If you have aches and pains from arthritis, you know how difficult moving your joints can be, and the prospect of your symptoms worsening over time is daunting, to say the least. A poorly functioning immune system can cause chronic inflammation, which is the fundamental problem behind arthritis. Conventional treatments for arthritis rely on using…

Living With Chronic Stress? How an Exercise Routine Can Help

Despite your best efforts, stress is likely a common part of your life. But finding the right techniques to manage stress can make it much less intimidating. It’s no secret that exercise is an incredibly effective method for combatting chronic stress. Here’s how exercise helps eliminate stress and some tips on starting and sticking to…