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Functional Medicine Near Me: Finding a Doctor in Tennessee

Functional medicine addresses a growing need in Tennessee and across the United States. Millions of people are living with chronic conditions that are stealing away their vitality and are not getting the help they need through conventional healthcare. This groundbreaking approach toward health has completely changed the game when it comes to treating chronic illness. In a moment, we’ll tell you why.

If you’ve reached the point in your health journey where you’re done trying to just manage symptoms and want to truly feel well again, Tri-Cities Functional Medicine can help. Our clinic is located in Johnson City, Tennessee, and we strive to empower people in our regional area to start feeling good again.

When it comes to your healthcare, we don’t believe in band-aid solutions and don’t take shortcuts. You’ll never feel like just another name on a clipboard. We go the distance for every person who walks through our doors to discover the root cause of their sickness and create a holistic, individualized treatment plan to make them feel well again. Most of all, we listen and truly get to know you.

We know you’re tired of feeling unwell, and we want to help you discover what it’s like to feel yourself again. First, we’d love to give you more background in why we’re so passionate about functional medicine and what you can expect as a new member.

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Why Functional Medicine?

Many of our patients come to us understandably frustrated. As many as 60% of adults in the United States are living with at least one chronic disease, and 40% live with two or more chronic conditions, like digestion issues, fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, or thyroid disease. Many start their journey in a conventional doctor’s office and are given medicine to treat their symptoms but continue to feel sick.

Traditional medicine is effective and very necessary for addressing acute conditions, such as broken bones, heart attacks, the flu, organ failure, or a major accident. However, long-term, chronic illnesses are much better treated with functional medicine. Rather than focusing on covering up the symptoms, functional medicine takes a holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare. It addresses the root cause of your sickness and considers your body a whole, restoring your overall health.


How Tri-Cities Functional Medicine Got Started

Our journey starting Tri-Cities Functional Medicine was similar to the path many our patients have taken. Our medical director, Dr. Joseph Radawi, worked in conventional medicine for more than a decade. He received his M.D from the American University of the Caribbean and was certified by the American Board of Family Medicine after completing his residency at the Arkansas Medical Sciences.

His time as a doctor in emergency medicine and the loss of his father (who was also a physician) at a young age from a heart attack led Dr. Radawi to take a completely new perspective on helping people in his community. It was this pivotal moment that led him to complete advanced clinical training through the Institute of Functional Medicine and open Tri-Cities Functional Medicine in Tennessee.

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Helping People Reclaim Their Health in East Tennessee and Beyond

At the heart of our functional medicine practice is the passion and determination to help every patient take control of their health and feel well again. Chronic diseases are incredibly complex, and while band-aid solutions can help mask some of the uncomfortable symptoms, they will not help you live each day with a new renewed sense of strength and vitality. That’s what makes us different.

By focusing on the root cause of illnesses instead of just their symptoms, we can identify how multiple factors can contribute to a single disease. For instance, we can see how several contributors like diet, exercise, stress, inflammation, genetics, gut microbiome, and hormonal imbalances work together to make someone feel unwell. We need to look at each issue from multiple angles.

Diagnostic and Testing Services

Of course, we can’t learn all this information overnight. Dr. Radawi spends time getting to know each patient individually and deep diving into their medical history and lifestyle. This process includes a thorough examination and laboratory testing so he can get the full picture.

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Individualized Long-Term Treatment Plans 

When it comes to complex, chronic conditions, healing takes time. Functional medicine doesn’t rely on quick fixes. Rather, Dr. Radawi creates an individualized long-term, holistic treatment plan to bring your body back into balance and make lifelong changes to your health. This is a real investment.

While functional medicine doctors are fully licensed physicians that can prescribe medication if necessary, we strive to use natural methods to treat your condition and bring about long-term change. Our practice takes a highly integrative approach, taking into consideration nutritional science, alternative medicine, mental health, genomics and more. Your plan may include a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Stress management
  • Exercise and diet plans
  • Detoxification
  • Health Coaching
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Hormone therapy

Education and Webinars

One of our main goals is to educate and empower people to make sound health decisions and live a full, happy life. While we already know and have witnessed just how effective functional medicine is at transforming our patient’s lives, we strive to educate our community in Tennessee and surrounding areas on how they can feel well again.

Our educational webinars are free and cover many of the everyday topics people see us about:

After joining our practice and becoming part of the Tri-Cities family, all our members gain access to our online educational library. This provides you will full access to our Five Pillars of Health courses, food plans, and other resources to aid you in your journey toward reclaiming your health.

Other Healing Membership Benefits

We strive to make Tri-Cities a safe, relaxing place for our members with several other benefits:

  • Our relaxation room is available to anyone who starts one of our programs. It includes two massage chairs and two Biomats and provides a comfortable place to destress and aid healing.
  • Our full-spectrum infrared sauna raises your body’s temperature directly (rather than just release heat into the air around you), effectively detoxifying your body at the setting you choose.
  • Our teaching kitchen is the best place to watch and learn about a healthy diet. We focus on wholesome, easy meals that you can work into your schedule and use for years in the future.  

Becoming a Member at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine

If our mission and holistic, patient-centered approach to medicine appeals to you, we’d love to get to know you more! We welcome you to watch one of our free webinars and schedule a free dixscovery call to start off your care on the right foot. Once we both know we’re a good fit, you can sign up for a consultation with Dr. Radawi and get started on your personalized treatment plan.

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Tri-Cities Functional Medicine is located in Johnson City, Tennessee, and serves patients throughout Tennessee and into Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky. These areas include but are not limited to: Washington County, TN, Sullivan County, TN, Carter County, TN, Greene County, TN, Knox County, TN, Bristol, TN, Holston Valley, TN, Tri-Cities, TN, Walnut Hill, TN, Elizabethton, TN, Greeneville, TN, Morristown, TN, Blountville, TN, Bluff City, TN, Kingsport, TN, Jonesborough, TN, Colonial Heights, TN, Limestone, TN, Knoxville, TN, Bristol, VA, Abingdon, VA, Grundy, VA, Asheville, NC, Boone, NC.